McNicol & Noble

McNicol & Noble design and craft classically styled gear for everyday adventures. Whether this takes you to the boardroom, the park, or the remote wilderness, we want to be there with you. 


Paratus fortuna adiuvat, fortune favours the prepared. To us this means the “stylish” gear you would like to use is also durable and capable enough to take with you on a lifetime of adventuring.


We source materials that are as sustainable and local as possible without compromising the durability and integrity of our products. We believe the most sustainable products are the ones you already possess, and which cause no further harm through ongoing use. The most sustainable products, in our opinion, are the ones you own for a lifetime, or two. 


We’ve spent our whole lives searching for nice gear that works, and doesn’t leave the place worse than we found it. If we couldn’t find it, we made it. This brand is the culmination of a lifetime of our own adventuring, and we think it is now time to share it with you.