Christmas Bonus 2021

A little wisdom and a little BONUS. Read on.

There’s a fine art to buying gifts. Some people develop it at a young age, while others, like me, are slow learners.

Whether you were born with this talent or not, the best gifts are the ones that are reminders of friendship each time the gift is used; that are enjoyed for a very long time; that won’t wear out as soon as they start being used; that ages gracefully alongside the owner.

We don’t care whether you buy from us for Christmas, but we do care that you are thoughtful about what you buy. Every time you spend you’re voting for that item, brand, technology, material, system, or whatever it is. Please be thoughtful and choiceful this year.

To thank you for being choiceful we’re offering a 3 for 2 bonus. Head to our website and grab any three items and pay only for the two higher priced items. But make sure you act soon as we only have limited stock available.

Please also note delivery systems are fully stressed this year, so give yourself enough time!

Promo Code: MN342

Ends: 19 December, 2021

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